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Dry Needling at Gold Coast Chiropractic Centre

At Gold Coast Chiropractic Centre, our experienced massage therapists offer a range of services designed to help maximise your overall health and function. One of our most popular therapies is dry needling, which your therapist may recommend if you have stubborn trigger points.
Dry needling session

What Is It?

Like acupuncture, dry needling uses very fine needles – about the diameter of a human hair – that are placed in specific areas of the body. However, this is where the similarities end. While acupuncture is an ancient technique focused on improving the flow of chi throughout the body, dry needling is a modern, scientific approach that focuses on releasing trigger points to facilitate healing and improve movement and function.
NEW Patients

We offer this service as part of your massage therapy session, not as a stand-alone therapy. It can often be beneficial for anyone with trigger points, which are taut bands in the fascia. Anyone with “knots” may find relief with this approach, which can work on a deeper level than trigger point therapy or myofascial release techniques. Your therapist will recommend it if they think it can benefit you.

When the needle is placed in the skin over the affected area, it increases blood flow to the area and triggers a spinal reflex that helps to create more length while reducing tension in muscle fibres. It also triggers the central nervous system to release the taut band and restore homeostasis.

The result is typically pain relief, improved range of motion and faster healing of the area.

Does It Hurt?

We understand that some people have a phobia around needles, and we never push this (or any) therapy on anyone who isn’t comfortable with it. Your therapist will explain the process and answer all of your questions.

Most patients feel a slight, quick pinprick when the needles are placed. There may be a slight ache as the tissues release the knots, comparable to what you might feel in a deep tissue massage.

Take That First Step Towards Putting Pain in Your Past

Contact us today to book in for your first massage therapy appointment and learn if dry needling may benefit you.

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