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Neck Pain Treatment in Gold Coast

Woman with neck painFrom looking down at digital devices to sleeping awkwardly, neck pain can arise, causing head, shoulders, or cervical spine discomfort and significantly disrupting daily life. At Gold Coast Chiropractic Centre, we know how important it is to address discomfort promptly and efficiently. We’re dedicated to providing holistic, tailored care to help you get relief.

Recognising the Symptoms & Triggers

Neck pain can manifest in various ways, including stiffness and limited range of motion, sharp or persistent aching, and radiating pain extending to the arms or back. Additionally, it can cause muscle spasms, headaches, and numbness or tingling in the arms and hands.

Many factors can trigger the discomfort, including poor posture, injuries like whiplash, degenerative diseases, herniated discs, emotional stress causing muscle tension, and jobs requiring repetitive neck movements.

Understanding the root cause is crucial for successful care.

How We Address Your Neck Pain

Our skilled professionals offer a range of non-invasive care to successfully manage your discomfort, focusing on both symptoms and underlying causes, including

  • Spinal adjustments to restore joint movement and relieve muscle tension
  • Soft tissue therapy to ease tense muscles
  • Joint mobilisation to reduce discomfort
  • Custom exercises to strengthen neck muscles and enhance flexibility
  • Guidance on maintaining good posture and lifestyle advice
  • Why Should You Choose Us for Your Care?

    Choosing our practice means opting for a non-invasive approach to enhance your body’s innate healing abilities. We offer personalised care plans tailored to your unique needs to improve your neck pain and overall wellbeing. Our goal is to relieve chronic discomfort and enhance your health by improving spinal alignment and function.

    Don’t let neck pain hold you back from enjoying your daily activities. Contact Gold Coast Chiropractic Centre today to book your initial consultation. Learn more about our services and take the first step towards getting the natural relief you need.


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