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New Patients

Welcome to our office

We’d like you to know what to expect at our friendly chiropractic office. You will have a great experience and feel confident in choosing our office. We will support you every step of the way while providing assistance to help you reach your optimal spine and health goals.

Your First Visit

You will be at our office for approximately 45 minutes. You will be greeted by one of our friendly team members, who will guide you through the initial new patient paperwork, and we will show you around our office. You will be escorted to a consultation room where you will meet your chiropractor and they will begin a comprehensive assessment, including:

  • A complete health history
  • An orthopaedic and neurological examination
  • A Q-Rom scan using Range of Motion Station
  • X-rays (necessity will be determined by the results of your consultation)

Your Second Visit

Your second visit will take 30 minutes and this will allow your chiropractor to outline how the spine and nervous system works, and how you can get the best benefit from your chiropractic care. Your doctor will provide you with the results from your initial examination, scan and X-ray findings. They will also provide you with their recommendations, followed by a customised care plan. You will then receive your chiropractic adjustment.

Regular Visits

Your first two visits are the longest visits in the office and then you will be able to settle into your regular adjustments. These appointments will take approximately 5 to 10 minutes. We will be assessing your progress and help you better understand the healing dynamics of your body. Your questions and concerns are always welcome. We are here to support you heal from the inside out and achieve your optimal health goals. We are invested in your health and will support you in achieving a better life, filled with vitality and the ability to be active.

New Patient Center | (07) 5532 2755