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The Chiropractors of Gold Coast Chiropractic Centre

Our successful team is a group of many hands who have one goal – To provide professional, safe, effective care.  We’ve taken that to heart at Gold Coast Chiropractic Centre. Now with multiple chiropractors on staff, you get the benefit of extra brainpower. Especially with difficult cases.


Dr Josie Barnes, Chiropractor

I fell into Chiropractic by sheer good luck!

I remember I had just finished high school and had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. Around the same time a couple of friends of mine were heading overseas to study chiropractic. It sounded so exciting I decided I wanted to do that too.

This has been the most rash and BEST decision I’ve ever made in my life.

Without fully understanding what I was choosing as my life career, I took off to America.

Learning about Chiropractic and how it affects the body was amazing. The role and impact chiropractic has on the spine and nerve system to naturally help the body’s ability achieve a healthier life has been, and still is, a daily highlight for me.

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Too many years ago to count, I graduated from one of the best chiropractic colleges in the States – Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic – and I headed home to New Zealand to share my knowledge with everyone I came in contact with.

Away from Gold Coast Chiropractic Centre

Bringing up a family of 3 very active, healthy children has given me enormous experience and confidence in developing the skills, sensitivity and knowledge to build a family based practice. It certainly can be very challenging at times but that’s also what makes it so much fun. We all are so completely different but chiropractic helps everyone!!

A few years ago I was given an opportunity to cross the ditch and join the team at Gold Coast Chiropractic Centre in Southport. I certainly didn’t need much encouragement from anyone to make this happen.

So here I am…living, working, and playing in the beautiful, sunny, and most importantly WARM Gold Coast. Staying healthy, active and being outdoors is something I love doing, so in my spare time (which there never seems to be enough of when you are a mum) the gym, tennis, running and the beach keep me very busy.

Dr Angie (Anjlene) Prasad, Chiropractor

I got exposed to chiropractic at the age of 16 years through a group of chiropractors that visited my home town from the USA.

My first chiropractic adjustment was life-changing, it made me want to be a chiropractor. There are no Chiropractors in Fiji and this was something that took my curiosity. After I graduated university, I got offered a scholarship to pursue chiropractic at Palmer college of Chiropractic in Davenport Iowa, USA. I graduated as the first ever female Indofijian chiropractor in 2008 and started working In Tasmania Australia, in a practice owned by Dr Peter Marshall (a previous principle of Gold Coast Chiropractic Centre) .

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Then in 2011 I returned home to Fiji and started working with the local committees and the Fiji Rugby team and started my own clinic and then in 2014 made the move to Gold Coast.

Being a chiropractor is not only my profession but it has become a big part of my life. The importance of having a healthy Nervous system and its importance to how the body functions on a daily basis and creating a balanced environment for the human body and its healing capabilities still tends to amaze me…

I currently live in the beautiful Gold Coast with my husband. We both love the outdoors and the coast provides us with both beautiful beaches to awesome walking trails up in the hinterland. I personally love being active from running, hiking to beautiful sunset/sunrise beach walks. There is always exciting things that keeps me busy and pretty occupied. I love life and living it to it’s full potential in a healthy body.

Dr Kayley Coles, Chiropractor

My journey into chiropractic almost sounds made up… I was in my final year of high school and knew I wanted to help people maximise their health and quality of life; however, I hadn’t yet discovered my niche.  It wasn’t until I was reading a love story (of all career inspiring things) and the main character was a chiropractor.  At some point in the novel someone asked the main character why she became a chiropractor and she described how impacting the spine and nervous system has such a phenomenal impact on health.  Knowing very little, I was immediately excited about the possibility of figuring out what my career was and looked further into chiropractic. I have never looked back!

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I studied chiropractic at the wonderful New Zealand College of Chiropractic and have moved to the Gold Coast to help the Southport community!  The capacity the body has to heal and function optimally when the spine and nervous system are balanced has me in awe daily and is something I’m extremely passionate about.

Having grown up on a farm in the South Island of New Zealand I love the outdoors and all things active.  In particular I enjoy netball, running and the beach/water sports.  I’m beyond excited to explore all the Gold Coast has to offer (all recommendations welcomed) whilst helping you enjoy all life has to offer through a thriving body!

If you think that you or a loved one is a good candidate for chiropractic care, contact Gold Coast Chiropractic Centre to arrange a thorough examination in our practice.